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Gift Card Offerings

The Transact Canada Gift Card Program allows your large or small business to sell custom gift cards. From “Happy Birthday!” to “Just Because”, your business can offer the perfect gift for any occasion, all while boosting your sales.

Data Services

As Canada’s largest payment processor1, we harness the power of billions of transactions received in real-time, across all types of merchants, industries, card brands, and geographic areas. Our spending data allows clients to measure localized economic impacts of new projects

Loyalty Card Program

The Transact Canada Loyalty Program is designed to give customers the best options and keep them coming back. It drives incremental sales, attracts and retains customers, and provides unique insights. It’s a loyalty program that’s practical and accessible for businesses of all sizes, including yours.

Business Financing

An expert in their industry, Thinking Capital works with you closely offering you tailored ideas to grow your business and quick access to the capital you need. Receive a no obligation quote in minutes, and funding in as little as 3-5 business days.